Firstly confidence is the essence of the persona if you lack confidence in your actions never the less you buy a 10000$ suit you will not feel great about yourself.

I believe that there are a lot of you who don’t have a Greek God body and most of you never will but there are some tricks and techniques you can do to copycat the image of the breath-taking body when you are naked in the shower or on the bed.

“5 WAYS TO LOOK EVEN GOOD NAKED” purposefully to turn out to be a better version yourself are:


Never slip the significance of lower body fat percentage when comes to look good. You never want to look stubborn fat in those beach photos which you upload on your social handles.

So the first step is get rid of your body fat and start doing some combination of both weight and cardio training. Cardio is the way to go, man, when it comes to burning some extra calories to cut fat and increase your cardiovascular strength.

Having a toned skin while naked is an illusion to eyes and you need to learn how to do this. You’ll look much toned and sexy, and your muscles will stay lean and thin instead of getting bulky. Want something even better? Try yoga.

It’s just awesome to strengthen you, give flexibility then you up and have all the right curves while removing your stress at the same time.


Being in action is the best way to keep your muscles in working. Daily goings-on will manner your body.

A habit of exercising an hour in the gym or if you are the one who doesn’t like to go the gym a 15 minutes early morning yoga or cardio will do a thing. Start your day with 100 pushups or 100 sit-ups or that’s so much for you simply jog for 1000 steps it never takes more than 10 minutes to complete.

The goal is to keep moving and working out for better health and muscle hypertrophy which also increases your metabolism by which you won’t get fat easily. Give yourself a challenge each day to change 100 days after.


No way to resist that girls like guys with luscious booty. A little motivation for you.

So what booty type you have, do you have a big booty fatty booty or bombastic booty or you have that saggy booty which never shows, most of the people have this problem but the solution lies in the fact “Don’t sit on your ass all day instead make that booty work” ha-ha means be active do some physical movements which require huge energy, if your body fat is high your booty will also grow fatter with it and if you exercise with it a little the muscle combine with fat and increase your booty mass. But in a symmetrical formation with the help of squats, your booty will grow accordingly so the goal must be not to eliminate booty but to form it in its best shape.

The key is to ​look even good naked is to maintain a lower body fat percentage plus little weight training like squats, deadlifts which put pressure on your glutes and maintain its shape.


Moreover, pubes make you look manlier for men I understand. But know this also no women want to date a guy who combs his chest hair with his little comb put in his jeans back pocket.

Shaving your pubes is completely your choice you want to do it ok but if you won’t live happily with it. It’s none of my business. Which one your choice? Your pubes are perhaps the utmost hotly debated area of curls on your physique.

Growing your pubes has its own bunch of benefits: It can regulate your body temperature; prevents dirt and other variable germs from entering the opening; moreover, it is supposed to trick pheromone scent from our natural sweat, for sexual and companion appeal- hmm hot topic? 

There is no shortcoming if you make a decision to remove all of those. But the decision of growing it requires a grooming intermittently prevention from the risk of irritation.


While a great moisturized skin will make you look sexy from a distance, you still need to cream it to look like a perfect 10 from close up also. If you have dry or peeling skin, moisturize your body twice a day and you’ll feel soft and tantalizing to touch when your partner runs their hands over you.

Oily skin not needs to be treated and dry skin does much more moisturizer add additional vitamins and nutrients to the skin to improve its purpose as well. After showering or washing your face you need to apply it because at that time your skin needs its nutrition applies to the freshly moist skin.

Don’t disbelief that moisturizer is used on the face only there is a lot needed for your other parts of skin also nourish each of them properly. Healthy skin puts extra gem for your baked crust.



Being a graduate in science and technology and a fitness enthusiast I want to create a valuable content for each homosapien living out there which is affected with fitness-wellness and help them to acheive their optimum level of understanding in the subject. love to hear from you email me to [email protected]

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