The internet is loaded with articles on how to get LEAN, fat shaming, lean gains. People all around the globe with a remote interest in fitness and health typically wish to get lean and maintain that ailment and be Awesome in 2018.

But is it really being awesome if one can maintain a lean physique all year?

Being lean not just a symbol of being strong physically but also being strong mentally and both. But I’m here to tell you, it’s worth it. Looking Oh yeah! Fab in a lean physique is best to go with and for a lot of other reasons than just eyeing astonishing with your shirt off.

This might be looked like I am over overstating.

Trust me I am not. I will tell you the reason why.

But before I bombast about the “5 reasons why being lean is awesome in 2018”, first let me set my plot.

Today’s world is endeavoring towards their fitness objectives, some people have an ideal weight in mind by accomplishing which they are good. Others may have not yet obvious what they want but what to succeed is the unmanageable body fat percentage like their favorite bodybuilder athlete has. Objectives of lot many can vary but the expectations do not. All of us want to look muscular and leaner. Fictional: Once the objective is grasped, everything will be great.

We all believe that attaining a certain body structure will make your lives better. We, humans, are starving for someone approval and by thinking that good body will grasp more opposite-sex attention, and we get more social media following and many other things if we jacked up. But it’s a thing I won’t Buy. I believe bodybuilding is most of transforming not just only your shape and size of body structure but also shaping your mental strength and become more confident and charismatic towards life. Being fit is a thing being a muscular edifice is not.

The alteration between the two -first who is specific about his fitness goal and other who is chasing a blind number for a good time is. The second type of gent will be less sure about his ultimate goal and goal of attaining single digit body fat (healthy somewhere between11-22% body fat) remain unreachable and the one who is sure about his ultimate goal would probably settle for that perfectly respectable condition.

This is a fact of bodybuilding and life if you chase the unrealistic goals with the unplanned road map you will get lost. Other side realistic goals like when you are in the process of muscle-building and losing fat and chasing the calculative goal at a time. The ride is very tough and requires all your strength, hard work, sweat, pain and focus on acquiring that state of mind and body. As the famous saying, “the wolf climbing the hill is hungrier than the wolf on the hill.” And when you attain your attainable physique it requires a lot of less effort to maintain it.

That’s the main reason why being lean is the best thing to do for the buddies who are taking forward their fitness to next year and being lean comes with his own pack of benefits which is more lucrative than any other fitness plans.

#Here are 5 REASONS why being lean is awesome in 2018, my bro.

1.) You will be healthier: –

In 2018 your hormones always are on high, you able to move better and want to accomplish new things by being lean which keeps your dopamine levels always in elevation.

Secondly, your gut will remain healthy and detoxified always and you be able to absorb more nutrients from food.

Truth is leaner is a new healthier today. Less body fat around 10-12% gives you the freedom to be more active and energetic all day you can sleep better and move better which ultimately affect your health bar.

A Health is a projection of well being and being refreshing all day which fitness help you achieve.

However, more fat and saggy skin make it less appealing being leaner can put the extra spotlight to your looks even if you don’t wish to be the next Man Magazine Model and aim to be healthy at last and want to secure a lean physique which ultimately fulfills all your daydreams.


  1. Easier to Maintain: –

While you attain a physique where your physique is no longer required the hardest part of training but maintaining a lean, athletic body is a lot easier.

When you are in the process of muscle-building and losing fat. The process is very tough and longer which requires all your strength, hard work, sweat, pain and focus on acquiring that state of body and mind connection. And when that effort shows its results and you attain your dream lean physique naturally it requires a lot of less effort to maintain it.

Fun part-Now you can overeat one day & not get tensed about your diet plans; you can now even miss 1 or 2 days of the training session and not have to worry about losing muscle.

Note: It doesn’t give you the freedom to eat junk and drink often. Ultimately more time to yourself and more social life and your life won’t just be surrounded by dumbbells and macros all day tracking your calories in and out which you may love but life is about doing new things, caring and evolving.


  1. You’ll build added muscle: –

It is been proved that leaner physiques are more capable to build added muscle mass because of its low-fat percentage and enhanced insulin levels and leptin sensitivity.

280 pounds of the fat fellow will less likely to put on muscle than the 170 pounds leaner guy just because of his low-fat accumulation tendency which gives his body more freedom to pack on muscles instead of just storing fat. We not have seen anybody progressively packing on 5-10kg of muscle every year and in 5 years grown 200-300 pounds with lean 100pounds muscle mass if you commit you have seen this type of guy I can be sure he goes against biological cues or he just wear a body suit. Because we all hit a plateau the muscle-building process of 1 year is not same of 2nd year you need to make changes and the results may vary. Being in a leaner phase gives you the freedom to experiment with your body. That’s why it is awesome.

Leaner means you will be more flexible to perform different functions and stability exercises which help you balance the weights.


  1. You will look like Fitness Cover Model: –

Leaner body, tight butt, broad shoulders, wide chest and a well symmetrical six-pack abs that’s what the fitness industry is portraying the image of a Fitness athlete.

But you never able to review what it takes to match their level. How much money do they put out of their pocket? What they sacrifice? Come on, if you anyhow able to get that body it is harder to maintain if you see from a long-term perspective.

Fitness is a thing which you should enjoy while living your life at the same time and with the leaner body you can move better and faster. You will be able to have better sex, better health and feel more in control. Rather than worrying about what supplements and vitamins to carry while you are on holidays and always being conscious about drinking in parties which is not the as same case with leaner bodies it gives you the freedom to enjoy your life at the same time pursuing fitness.


  1. You will melt more fat: –

If fat melt overnight and muscle gain so fast would be the biggest blessing of mankind. Jumping athletically lean-to bodybuilding lean unfortunately doesn’t happen overnight-results take time. The process of losing 10kg is not the as same process by which you lose 10kg earlier but with leaner bodies, you can experiment many things at a time. Other leaner makes you vascular and melt your fat away.


The good thing is it’s not that inflexible if you go from high-fat to just normal. You need to work more often.

Some bodybuilder relies on Fat burners to reduce fat because of fat removing cycle takes time and to keep them ready for competitions they rely on additive supplements. Which also suggests that by relying on external means to increase fat mobilization and increase muscle-building rather than normal food will toxins your body means well-shaped six-pack abs are not the sign to be healthy you must be healthy inside out.

Don’t get me wrong I am just not happy with the ideas of fitness industry portraying fitness in 2018 what other’s do is their thing, not mine. I promote healthy living with great food, good weight training, and a healthy gut without medical glitches.



Being a graduate in science and technology and a fitness enthusiast I want to create a valuable content for each homosapien living out there which is affected with fitness-wellness and help them to acheive their optimum level of understanding in the subject. love to hear from you email me to [email protected]

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