When you are into bodybuilding or any competitive sport your main job is to feed yourself with precise nutrition to help you for the game and when comes to taking nutritional diet one should consume an adequate amount of carbs, fiber, fats, and protein.

Consuming calories according to your specific goals is the necessity of a fitness athlete but some of the folks may face the problem of indigestion, gas and all. If you faced the same problem you need to read out ‘FIX YOUR POOR DIGESTION BY DIGESTIVE ENZYME 101′ until last. It’s not the food you are eating is wrong it’s your digestion which creates a mess.

If you are a non-vegetarian your protein mainly comes from chicken which is the middle of the road thing and you may know some people which can’t digest red meat some people don’t believe in fish protein so the chicken is the best source for vegetarians soybean is the best option out there.

Apart from eating so much 5-6 times a day, 500-1000 surplus, taking numerous supplements it is difficult for your body to digest whole food and to convert that food into useful energy for building muscle. So if that food doesn’t digest well you will end up being constipated and all your food get excreted without converting into useful energy.

Solution: The one thing you should be looking at ‘Do you digest enough food or not’. If not then your money, effort and time are gone for a toss. If your body is fed with one type of nutrition continuously and that food is not accepted by your body you need to do something different to utilize that food and for the utilization, you can take the help of digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are non-essential for just because the body can produce its own natural level of the digestive enzyme but for the ones who couldn’t produce their own digestive enzyme its essential for them to supplement digestive enzymes. The amount of protein that we eat we need some support and that support is with the help of digestive enzyme helps the body absorb more protein with that particular food. The crucial thing to know is no matter if you are a bodybuilder or athlete or a normal guy everybody needs to detoxify their gut every day to get the best use of their nutrition and to keep your digestive process healthy to avoid any kind of health problem.


The body breaks down food with the help of 3 enzymes.

Protein – a Protease enzyme

Carbohydrate – Amylase enzyme

Fats – Lipase enzyme

As soon as you put food into your mouth the absorption process starts through chewing which get mixed with saliva, as you may know that when you chew bread (Carbs source) it starts tasting sweet just because of the fact that enzymes present in saliva break down the carbs present in bread into simple sugars then the food gets passed to gut where further enzymes get into play by pancreas which secretes digestive enzymes.

So at every stage food needs some digestive enzymes by which he can break down food into the useful form and coming to end it gets fully absorbed in the body.

Lastly amount,  nutrients secrete by food will get into play to build new muscle cells but the remaining food which is unable to break down due to lack of a digestive enzyme that food will get extracted and gone to waste.

Example: If your daily food consumption is 180gm Protein, 220gm carbs, 100gm fats

The body secretes an enzyme to compensate only 100gm protein, 180gm carbs, and 60 gm fats 

You are in a condition of making a loss, useful nutrients to get wasted.

So do we introduce DIGESTIVE ENZYME in diet? We don’t realize this problem at first place and don’t try to even learn about enzyme but its highly significant…

So digestive enzyme basically breaks fat into fatty acid, protein into amino acids, and carbs into glucose. It increases you digestion incrementally and makes you efficient to digest more food and makes you more fit.

Enzyme act as a CATALYST without this it is not possible for your body to break down food. In natural science, we say this metabolic enzyme which works to break polymeric macromolecules (Micronutrients) into smaller building blocks to produce muscle tissues.

If you face indigestion issues firstly fix our nutrition with Fibre and if still, you get constipated or gas then starts encouraging digestive enzyme which I will name in the last of the article. It will eventually help but if it won’t help when you need to go to the doctor to look for the cause.


The digestive enzyme can be consumed before or after the meal it starts acting as soon you put it to use. Probably the best time to take digestive enzyme is in the morning when the digestive process is slow moving and you can take it as the last thing at night after you had your dinner that time those digestive enzymes works efficiently.

Understand if you are the one who put all junk burgers, cokes inside you and want to digest that with junk by consuming 2 bottles of the digestive enzyme it won’t work my friend. Then you do not need a fitness blogger to help you might you need to get stopped right away.

Now the digestive enzymes I recommend are:





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