How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights | GENDER ALTERATION

How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights is a question every woman interested to know because of a lot of Gender Alteration goes on amongst the gym goers. 

You might not have seen any place in a gym with different workout chart positioned for specifically women’s because there are no other customized exercises made for women.

Generally, your workout with your female partner consists of almost the same exercise with few minor differences. 

The term MINOR can’t be overstated here since practical training differences between both genders come down to a slight variation to an already sound fundamental training philosophy embedded in basic human physiology not necessarily predicated on sex differences.

Rather considering the sex differences between the two genders and with their completely opposite 2 hormonesTestosterone and estrogen and with few or less the same workouts with minimum differences or highlights and the significance of those in building muscle.

But still, Women anyway explain, when asked: Why you don’t lift weights?

Commonly replied “I want to get toned not bulky that’s why I avoid weight training”.

I might think to lift weights is a better solution to this problem, a lot of folks still support this, “That women who lift end up being looking masculine, thick, manly” and they don’t stress in stalking 100s of female bodies on Instagram. Real truth.

“How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights | GENDER ALTERATION”


The truth about how much a women body is capable of been bulking up:

"How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights | GENDER ALTERATION"

Women body certainly do have an impressive potential to build muscles by lifting weights and generally results in that so-called toned look that most women are aiming for not the She-hulk type monstrous physique that is usually attainable with the only use of steroid or any other advanced and extremely rigorous training and nutrition plan specifically designed to attain for that muscular look.

One look through hashtag #crossfitgirls or #girlswholift on Instagram to get 14 Million contradictory examples to counterfeit this misconception.

While this conception that women body end up looking like female version of hulk if they lift weights there is also another misconception that women have a poor potential to build muscle while on an average men can have (15 × MORE TESTOSTERONE) and their natural potential to build muscle are quite similar but how similar that we can find out.

"How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights | GENDER ALTERATION"

Most research proves that most men and women have relative growth potential and certainly there is some evidence to support this.

Yes, Women can expect half the muscle than of men and all women can certainly build an appreciable amount of muscle likely falling somewhere between 50 to 100% hypertrophy potential of men.

The main alteration between the men and women body is that those women start out smaller earlier,  they have genetically had less muscle and more fat and as far to know their tendency to build muscle is very similar to men.

Other sidemen have more muscle and more body fat and they are stronger than women on the absolute basis 97% of this difference is attributed to differences in muscle mass and nothing else.

So if you compare the two genders with the same muscle mass there’s a good chance they’ll have the same strength.

This is a trend that follows through across many training variables usually the differences between man and women can be stated by the difference in muscle mass and fat percentage but not with the sex perspective.

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"How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights | GENDER ALTERATION"


  1. Something to highlight there is an estrogen hormone of a female body, A women can have about 9 times more estrogen than men that means they get to reap all the rewards not only with the metabolic health and glucose handling but muscular repair and preventing catabolism the main training implication here is that women are able to recover from more work which means they can do more sets and more reps per workout per week. The sets and reps have been very tightly correlated with increases in size and strength it makes sense that assuming all equal that women have to do double sets than men to make a difference.


  1. The second main difference here relevant to training has to do with so-called fatigue ability. Women don’t get fatigued as much as men but it appears to be fairly complex with the difference in the muscles themselves, hormones -the nervous and more.


  1. More highlight is women have more and better blood flow and muscle perfusion which that fatigue inducing the tabloids can be cleared out of the muscle better and when they have greater proportional area of the slow type 1 muscle fibres which are better suited for endurance tasks these factors states that women have better at doing higher reps than men and they can do more reps at a given intensity than man.



  • Women body can probably get away with shorter rest periods between sets than men for the same reason of course the flip side of this is that women are less suited for explosive training than men which means that assuming playing to your strengths makes sense men can benefit from most explosives tempo and more forceful positives and women might do better with a slower tempo.
  • Of course it is not smart to think in a black and white terms so I think it still be smart for a men to include slow tempo and high rep work and for some women to include some explosive work in the repeat and finally some clearly documented difference in the upper and lower bodies of men and women.


"How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights | GENDER ALTERATION"

“How prone women body is to men to bulking up by lifting weights.

A study paper shows that the women body have 50% strength of men in the upper body and 66% strength a man in the lower body and it tends to explain why the women have a great time to enjoy legs day for than a men do.



So the main differences between men and women stem from women:

  • They having better recoverability.
  • Lower fatigability with some upper to lower body discrepancies.

These thoughts in mind the majority of fundamental musculoskeletal physiology applied to both the sexes.

The primary mechanism driving hypertrophy namely mechanical tension doesn’t discriminate based on gender.



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