Do you get pleasure from a pleasant, cold beer at the top of a tough workday? Drinking Beer moderately is okay for your health.

However, indulge too usually, and you’re possible to induce some surprising and unwanted facet effects like a Beer belly.

One in all the foremost noticeable effects of drinking an excessive amount of beer is excess weight gain within the abdomen space, a lot of normally called the beer belly.

Not solely is that this beer belly looks ugly, however, it can even place plenty of strain and pressure on your back, resulting in pain.

You might think that overriding liquor is ruthless for your fitness goals and your total healthiness but even then you won’t able to take control over it.

You might also wonder it’s the main cause why you are plump and have a beer belly– beer is killing your gains but that’s really the case?

We will find out.



Look, I am 21 and truly yes, drinking is my darling and who doesn’t drink in my age when there is a major influence of those pubs and metro bars in young individuals.

Being in this young age when you got your first fresh taste of Beer on your taste buds and all those young furious hormones felt like you are all time high and liberated, social parties and Goa beaches are in your wish list.

You know what I am saying.

But by going through all of these we unexpectedly are unable to summon up. 

Is This- Fancy way of life making us out of shape and those parties food and drink are the main reason why we gave up home-cooked food.

Disclaimer: Remember Mensquats blog endorses fitness, happiness, and health by talking about topic Beer we are in no way encouraging you to sip Beer but in its place making you aware about how you can stay fit and at the same time have a really hard kind of drinking sessions while you are partying.

Let’s get straight into it -Drinking Beer has no use for your body but we love drinking still.

Not because of its taste but to get drunk instead.

It gives you those best-drunk memories which you keeping telling your entire life to your social beings how you first drank while you are a teenager and how you felt a new taste of Beer/alcohol.

We all heard that stories, right.

I completely believe that Life should be surrounded by memories made and lived so that when you get old you got to tell your past stories not just how you pass your time or how much time you put in the gym to move those weights.

That’ll not be going to make you interesting at all.

I believe you must practice fitness but you should also do something you have fun doing.

I also do accept as true you should have a balance between your fitness life and social life such and that having fun with a Beer once in a while is OK.

“Here is the thing most people think beer gives you belly fat likewise other say, bro, eat chicken and drink beer with it you will jack up but this is just a colloquial speech nothing else.”


What Roots a Beer Belly?

Beer doesn’t have too many calories on its own that can change your shapely midriff into fat that extend beyond over your wash pants.

The Calories where they came from decides your conclusion– whether it came from liquor, sugary drinks, or king-size servings of food can considerably upturn your belly fat and are the main cause of your obesity.

On the other hand, beer/alcohol does look as if to have a specific implication with obese in the midsection.

As a general rule, liquor consumption is related to larger middles, for the reason that when you drink liquor, the liver burns liquor in its place of fat”.

Beer also for a reason gets the liability for the reason that liquor calories are so easy to overcook.

A classic beer has 150-200 calories – and if you down several in one sitting, you can end up with the serious calorie surplus.

And don’t overlook calories from the foods you eat with those pints of beer. Liquor can raise your hunger.

Auxiliary, when you’re drinking beer at a bar, the foodstuff on hand is often come with a calorific price like pizza, chicken wings, and added deep-fried foods.

Then conspicuously, Beer has no benefit to one’s body but a disadvantage if drank overly. But it’s completely fine if you drink less than 60 ml every time, which unless you are 16 years old is of no benefit to you.

Beer isn’t the reason of your belly; your big abdomen section is a consequence of your unwholesome eating habits.


Why does fat amass in the belly?

The minute you intake more calories than you outwork each day, the excess calories which remain unused are stored in the form of fat around the muscles in the body.

Where your body amasses that fat tissues are completely decided by your time of life, gender and hormones some get maximum fat accumulation around stomach some get it in arms and some get on the back section it is completely undecided.

Men and women set forth with alike fat storing decorations, but teenage years deviate from that. Females ought to have much subcutaneous fat than males, so those additional fat calories have a habit to be set down in their arms, leg-thighs, and backsides, along with their abdomens.

For the reason that males have not as much of subcutaneous fat, they stock extra in their tummies.

Beer bellies have a tendency to be further noticeable in elder people for the reason that, as you grow mature, your calorie requirements go miserable, you every so often turn out to be not as much of lively and attainment of heaviness becomes calmer.

Now if you think of belly you think of pot belly that’s exactly what it is.

#There is the thing you need to know there is belly fat but there are two types of belly fat: 

1.) Subcutaneous Fat: This belly fat generally get mount up under the skin which may find out by just squeezing with your hand and it gets set down in the form of layers.

When you breathe in you can considerably hide your belly fat when you need to put you in the position of a lean guy.

But trust me the real solution is not hiding the problem the real solution is to get rid of the problem of fat.

A relation between visceral and subcutaneous obesity:

2.) Visceral Fat:

This is kind of deep belly fat. It’s placed near the organ and an illustration is someone who has a pot belly.

So, if you want to squeeze it won’t that what a visceral belly fat is.

That’s the real sign you have to eat enough of junk and now junk is eating your health. Keep in mind having a lot of visceral belly fat is actually a dangerous situation to put your health in long-term.

Because of the simple reason, the fat accumulates around the organ makes the functioning of the organ slow and increases the risk of heart attack.

The man is more prone to have visceral belly fat than women.

There is no luck decided between of two who will deposit subcutaneous body fat or who will get visceral body fat.

That is to be decided by your body but what is controlled by your mind is how to stop depositing that fat that’s where your decision-making comes into play.

Find out which one is yours.

So, how you can love your drink and not get fat at the same time.



The etiquette is this you need to start taking only neat liquor means you consider taking 30ml shots moreover with soda or water without adding sugary drinks.

Moreover, I got you are partying and you are partying for fun and that’s not a very practical decision.


For those I recommend you drink beer if you are chasing fitness goals.

  • Because for a fact one beer is about 200 calories but also one neat shot with a drink is 310 calories that’s 110 calories above the beer.

That’s the reason beer is a more practical option whenever you go out for fun and parallelly have a goal to stay fit as well.

Now, some people might argue that beer is high in Carbs.

  • Keep in mind one pint of beer is 17 grams of carbs 1 banana is about 27g of Carbs and one can of soft drink is 40g of Carbs.

Choose which the best option accordingly.

If you are using a soft drink with alcohol you are having more carbohydrates than having a beer.


My personal protocol I follow is

I keep my Beer sessions after my gym so those simple carbs in beer go into fuelling my gains and final thing to know getting fat while drinking is most people get fat.

Because of not high Beer consumption but it’s because of what food they choose to eat with Beer and those mixers.

Another thing is Beer hits you slowly it gives you a slight shock of being drunk not like a tight slap on the face by which you do abnormal things.

Many folks take drinking as mugging up the jar of wealth they take no trauma to drink as many bottles of beer as they possibly can.

You might be heard stories jeopardizing he can drink 10 cans of beers at a time or once he drinks 15 cans in a breath.

Not practical to do.

  • So basically what they do is drink lot of beer to get drunk and try to produce the same shot as Beer does in that process they end up consuming a lot more calories.


On the other hand what I personally do is-

  • I simply every time I drink I finish my drink really slow to get drunk early and order some snacks with it I prefer frequently beer so that I can guesstimate all the carbs and calories I consumed that night.
  • By actually keeping the data to the other day it helps me to bring about all those calories out to my system by exercising.


My objective is to stay fit after those drinking sessions won’t make trouble enough to achieve the goals and in the long-term, if you also want to stay fit follow this in your drinking sessions.


Tips on food choices

The foods you choose with your Alcoholic drink/Beer decide whether you will be lean or get fat.

It’s so essential.

The rules of food which I select is to be perfect which is why I minimalize my carbs consumption particularly if I drink beer that time I had a lot of carbs with beer so what to limit is my carbs.

In its place of intake wafers and finger food, I have a preference to go with protein-rich healthy food something like grilled chicken, eggs and if you are vegetarian eat Grilled paneer, vegetable salad, tofu that’s what I do.



5 main step processes to kill the Beer belly fat:

1.Track your beer drinking:

This may perhaps not noises great to you, but if you truly want to get rid of that beer belly, you need to track each calorie which you have while drinking.

Challenge selection of just 1 day a week to have a pint of beer.

By bouncing the carb-loaded brew 6 days a week, you will considerably cut down your total calories intake and can also drink beer too much you wish on the 7th day.

One more possibility is to drink as you frequently do but to limit you’re feasting by consuming a glass of H2O afterward each beer.

This will regulate the capacity of beer you drank while keeping you hydrated.

The extra H2O you juice the fewer planetary space there will be in your gut for beer and all the high calorific value foodstuffs that typically go together with it.

2. Dodge the Beer snacks:

So, if you want to merely carry on with your Liquor/alcohol and don’t want to shift to beer so what you need to pay attention is this.

Think of a 60ml vodka is about 120 calories and a 1/4th Quarter of vodka an evening is about 360 calories and along with you eat something like 100gm of fries or all nutcrackers, bhel, lays that are 320 calories.

So you doubled your calories by eating just a 100g of fries.

When you are stoned you made immoral choices which raises your screw it element if you had 60ml or a quarter of alcohol you had just enough to relish your drunken sessions but you sense the need to take account of fried snacks too.

This is what one-hundredth of folks do. But why then you want to raise that level why you are making a mindful effort.

Go ordering protein as an alternative take that nutrition sticky label benefits while you drink foremost to not bargaining your fitness objectives.

3. Dodge Liquidizers:

1 coke can is about 150 calories; 30ml of vodka has about 160 calories; vodka + coke mixer has about 310 calories so instead go with 1 pint of beer that has 180 calories only.

Somebody who utters beer makes me fat it’s the corrupt statement to look upon.

Beer makes you blotto in the same way as much as vodka does but with a lot fewer calories, so what laps about your darling sugar is sugar itself.

Sugar we overheard is bad for us but what even worse is liquid sugar which really mixes fast into the body and troubles your core system.

Vodka with mixers makes you fat not a single beer. If you remove sugar in your diet you with conviction lose 3 kg in just 1 month of time not sure try it.

Sweetie Sugar:

If you’re actually viewing the belly assembling desperado, seizure of sugar.

Whenever we eat foodstuffs that are in elevation with sugar (high amount of glucose and fructose) it can reason insulin opposition.

That consequence in the body transmits extra insulin in the body fluid leading to extra energy being deposited in fat membranes and subsequently raises your fat levels making you ultimately fat.

The body then has suffered while retrieving that fat stores and spasms you that note that you’re still starving. In that case, you end up eating extra and gain extra.

Formerly there’s the point that darling sugar is utmost addictive. It lifts dopamine goings-on in your mind, building you sense worthy — like being paid a great alike to that of solemn medications like cocaine.

Eating then provides you a straight added strong sensitivity of desire; as well taste, most important to additional habitual eating.

RELATED: The sweet danger of sugar: why sugar is bad for health?

4. Average weakly calorie theory: –

If you are conscious of your maintenance calories if you go somehow above the label you will gain weight if you stay under the label you will lose weight it’s really that simple concept to learn.

But in fitness, we consider weekly calorie intake. Presume you drink on the Saturday night so on Saturday your calories will be from head to foot or the diet you eat is of the high caloric valve.

All right, if you want to outdo that bad effect of that night on a Friday night and on a Sunday night lessen up your calories feasting; lower your fat and carbs intake so your average calories will come lower because of those two days you reduced your calories.

I promise you on Monday morning when you wake up and look yourself in the mirror you would possibly say that I had better start drinking every 3rd Day.

Ha-ha No, just don’t do that.

If you lower your calories on 2 days you won’t get chubby.

Every time I’m drinking that’s what I do on Saturday nights so Friday and Sunday are diet days so on Monday I get leaner I was before.

5. Thirst-quencher One Glass of Water Per Beer:

To go completely off from beer and alcohol is asking too much too early.

You also want to make sure you have a fun loving and love physically.

To style this, you just requisite to governor you’re ingesting.

For every single beer that you juice, take a pause and ensure to have a glass of H2O.

This will support you to govern the capacity of beer that you juice and it will also possess you better hydrated. 

Remaining hydrated is the main component to remain lean so you support this factor out in addition.



Thank you for reading the blog “HOW TO DODGE BEER-BELLY AND DRINK BEER FREELY” hope you liked the information write in the comment box below your views.


Being a graduate in science and technology and a fitness enthusiast I want to create a valuable content for each homosapien living out there which is affected with fitness-wellness and help them to acheive their optimum level of understanding in the subject. love to hear from you email me to [email protected]

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