Alright, choose one pick either bulking means gaining muscle or cutting means losing fat which will would you like to go first. The NITROGEN BALANCE is a problem solver to making a decision between two as many folks make you disbelieve this is only the ultimate way for the attainment of muscle hypertrophy and lose fat but there is former way too you should look after.


The problem is in the word OR, bulk or cut some people spend half of their time figuring out and deciding which one to do first and which to do at last. Also, this is specifically decided by considering your own body type and accordingly to your fitness goals.

But you must know whenever we talk about muscle gain or conserving the readily muscles the crucial thing which we need for growth is an adequate amount of protein intake. It is undeniably vital because the body max amount of protein (around 70%) is found in muscles only. Moreover, protein also supports in to shape a variety of body tissues which upkeep muscle growth. Protein is another next quantitative substance found in the body after water, it contributes around 20% of one’s bodyweight. And thus, essential amino acids from protein are needed by muscles for continuous growth and for better recovery.

Matter of fact this is a well renowned all over that this is impossible to take both goals which are muscle gain and fat loss at the same time because it’s completely being in two different states. Two completely opposite goals inside of our body. Right chemically.

FACT: We know in order to build muscle we have to be in calorie surplus state and to cut fat you need to be in caloric deficit. But science says, yes if you want to burn fat you have to be in caloric deficit but if your goal is to build new muscle and at a same conserve the attained muscle you don’t need to be in the caloric surplus state. What you need to do is to be in POSITIVE NITROGEN BALANCE (High protein diet) means a hypo-caloric state which helps you build lean muscle mass fast and cut fat at the same time.

Nitrogen balance is a term associated with protein and amino acids. Although these two terms are congruent to each other. But you need to know that composition of C and H atoms present in almost all macronutrient (Carbs, fat, and protein); amino acids have unique characteristics of holding Nitrogen as its molecular structure part. In the middle of these solitary protein comprises additional Nitrogen molecule in it. Consequently, nitrogen emission from the body can be a good measure to conclude the total of protein present inside the body, thus providing a first-rate clue of body’s muscle building possibilities.


Nitrogen is a composite sole of a protein that delivers a straight portion of one’s amino acid rank. Nitrogen balance is a state with a sense of balance the nitrogen intake and nitrogen excreted from the body. If the body NB is +ive, it indicates that there may be a net growth in the tissues. If NB is –ive then protein intake is inadequate and that the body may be breaking down muscle tissues to reimburse for insufficient protein.

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In the body, if you are eliminating enough nitrogen outside your body to put your muscles in   –ive NB, this gives a threatening signal to conclude that your muscles are been consumed in order to fulfill the need of protein from the body for its assured functioning.  To measure that Nitrogen testing is a thriving acceptable laboratory test to identify your current nitrogen balance status and put you to correct nitrogen balance.

Whenever somebody wants to maintain their body weight they should endeavor to have an NB intake equal to excretion. Athletes wanting to increase muscle mass they should be in positive NB for muscle growth.

The fastest way to do this is by increasing your protein intake. Protein is an only micronutrient that has nitrogen as a constituent inside its chemical makeup. So this is where we get; now with mugging chemistry, we break it out into amino acids. The constituent of the protein itself. This is where we get protein benefits because it’s broken into a usable form.


1. Overtraining:

As we break down the muscle tissue we’re going to be losing nitrogen, obviously, the protein is actually breaking down. By excessively losing nitrogen you are going deplete your protein reservoirs which put you in negative nitrogen balance.

Training more than an hour or so is really bad it give you no extra benefit either it will make you lose your current muscle also. It’s necessary to stimulate your muscle growth not annihilating. Completely unnecessary.

2. Insufficient Other Macronutrients and Sleep:

No matter how much protein you take but if you don’t support your digestive system to absorb those sources of protein then it will all go unused.

Good amounts of carbohydrates and fats are looked-for to support energy drives. If ones guzzle first and foremost protein only, thus sinking his NB means his valued amino acids will be traveling to vibrant organs thus complaining the muscles to exactly what they need for their growth.

Another factor affects NB is not enough sleep and a development of more stress hormone. We become more anabolic when we sleep. Our maximum growth happens at night. Ok, this is where the most protein synthesis takes place throughout the day. So the sleep amounts are too kept in check both qualitatively and quantitatively for better recovery from high-intensity workouts. Quality sleep is a key to growth.

3. Inadequate protein:

The main reason why not you build muscle is lacking in your nutrition. If you are a fellow who stays away from protein powders its fine but if you stressed out to take every gram of protein by food it’s not gone happen for long. Because of we have different plans; business/jobs; sometimes you in middle of something that time you need to have nutrients in your body in that case supplement is useful.

A severe lack of protein can reverse the muscle building cycle and also equates to subsequent that low protein in body depletes its own body tissues to support its internal structures.

We stressed about protein importance a lot, it is highlighted by the statement that no matter how many nutrients you are consuming on a daily basis but if the death of your muscles takes place one day it’s because of the inadequate protein supplied that day.

As I say it depends majorly on 3 things you avoid these and be in the hypo-caloric state and maintain positive nitrogen balance you would not be choosing every time the bulk or cut cycle you would possibly build muscle all year round.

Example: Consider three guys took a challenge Guy A, Guy B, and Guy C all with 25% body Fat when they start let’s say.

*12 weeks periodGuy AGuy BGuy C
Initial body fat25%25%25%
Daily activitylowactiveactive
Protein intake1.5g per kg 1.5g per kg1.5g per kg
proteinFood protein WHEYCASEIN
Fat % Drop2%4%6%-8%


  • Guy A didn’t opt working out, but adapted hypo-caloric diet and took 90% of what he normally would take in from food. And 10% of what they normally would take from fast digesting WHEY.

  • Guy B workout and simultaneously takes 1.5g per kilogram bodyweight of WHEY protein and work those calories off by exercising.

  • Guy C workout and did the same thing as Guy B but he did it with Casein.

The interesting thing which happens here is yes all three guys have loosened body fat as because they all adapted hypocaloric diet. The time period here we consider is 12 weeks. But by experimenting this we came to conclusion that; Guy C dropped body fat percentage to 6% to 8%. Guy B dropped about 4% body fat. So much more than the Guy A dieting alone, which he drops 2% body fat. Now talking about lean muscle mass gain, nothing in the control of Guy A, he did not work out right. The Guy C with casein put about around 6to 7-gram pure lean muscle mass. And the guy with WHEY protein he put a little less than that its about 4 pounds. Remember that you need high-quality protein WHEY which is fast acting protein and Casein is slow acting although they both are proteins you need to put those in the equation to give you nutrient when you are in need.


The ultimate incentive of any muscle building program in the world is to get adequate quantity of protein in your diet. Possession the muscles full of protein gives a straight message to the body to build more muscle it is a single most asset to your body. Maintained positive nitrogen balance is a perfect symbol to know that if you are taking an adequate protein or not.

Forget the myth which projects that you need to first bulk and then cut. It’s irrational; ya it depends on the specific body types some get a result early some get it late. But at the end you will look much leaner it’s an on-going process it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slower process but you need not look bad half a year, imagine you fat half the year and lean half a year.

If you start focusing on positive nitrogen balance you will build muscle ultimately. Get into caloric deficit if you need to be in a state to lose fat and want to pack more muscle. If you don’t, then you won’t follow this part. If you are a hard gainer then be in caloric surplus. At last, it’s not about only protein it’s about the nutrient you put in the body which body actually needs that gives you results.

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