The most crucial thing which everybody wanders to change in his life is how to control over-thinking and emotional feelings which heals him from stress, anxiety, and depression and gives him the right direction where he/she are in a position to take the right decisions logically not emotionally.


About Meditation everybody has their own concepts it’s the most spoken topic.

But what’s truly meditation is only a few knows. You can meditate anywhere anytime. While walking, taking a bath, having a coffee or sitting in a bus. Even for 20-50 sec, you can meditate. A lot of you have a misconception that meditation is to think of nothing and sit on a mat straight and concentrate.

So, don’t push too much. We can’t stop thinking, instead, we need it. So your decision will be whether you should listen to the thoughts or not. Meditation helps you advance your Spiritual path.

Spirituality is about finding your inner-self exploring the real you and be happy with yourself and embrace life. One should not be afraid or skeptical about it.

Meditation is a crucial path to accomplish the maximum potential you have in you. It Heals almost everything your pain, anxiety, depression. People who meditate have a high gyrification. It basically increases your number of folds in brain cerebrum means you perform better, you become smarter.

Increase in your meditation effectiveness there will your brain functioning power. Meditation is another form of brain workout but like gyming you have to create a regular habit to practice it more often enough 10-30 minutes daily to see the adequate results.

Many people can’t focus and have a problem to meditate. You can ask any individual Do you meditate, the answer will be Yes, I had tried it but left due to lack of focus and it’s also boring.

We all have a mind which chatters all the time the thoughts are upended; willpower to stick to do boring things is on reserve. But why we forgot doing the most boring and difficult stuff in life gives the most advanced results like exercising daily gives better health, hard work gives success same like meditation gives you high ability to focus and choose your own thoughts.

So what takes you behind is our mind

Assume, you have a monkey-mind which you need to make friends with you give him a job and busy him it won’t trouble you, and while you meditate in one second you are fully aware and in the next moment you go into your car for driving and visiting the lake.

To avoid distraction you need to give a monkey-mind a banana which works for monkey but for the mind, you need to give him focus; focus on one thing that is your Breath. Be aware of your breath. In the process you will a lot of thought in the background don’t panic.

As long as you don’t forget your breath anything is okay. No need of you to concentrate hard just relaxes and simply be aware of your breath.

Mediation has its own paybacks:

It improves:

  • Gladness
  • Concentration
  • Memory formation
  • Learning ability
  • Ability to empathize


It reduces:

  • Tension
  • Nervousness
  • Distress
  • Sadness
  • Substance dependency



  1. Focus on something:

Breathing deeply helps your body and mind relax by inhaling all the oxygen inside you to give better functioning of your digestive and internal organs. In fact, effective meditation can be practiced just by focusing on your breathing.

Breathe In through your nose and then Out through your nose. You will need to put your mouth closed but relaxed while you breathe. Listen to the sound your breath makes. That’s a good way to focus.

Controlling your breath allows you to slow the rate of your breathing and fill your lungs with more oxygen per breath.

 2. It is a Disconnect:

it is a disconnect to mind

The world is a distracting place and this may not be an easy request. However, find a quiet spot where you can meditate without interruption is valuable when learning to meditate to reduce stress. As you become more proficient with meditation, outside distractions will bother you less.

-At first, many things will probably distract you. You will hear cars driving by, birds and people talking. It is best to turn off all electronic devices to minimize things that could draw your attention away from your meditative task.

-A relaxing piano music or any other classical music you love to listen is a great way to meditate.

-Once you develop greater meditation skill, you will find that you can meditate anywhere—even in high-stress situations, such as traffic, work or crowded stores.

-Meditation can’t be misconnected with sitting in one place for 10 minutes closing your eyeballs. You can practice it for a shorter period of time to level your focus.

3. No right position and No right time: 

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Meditation can be done lying down, walking, sitting or really any position. The key is to be comfortable so that discomfort does not distract you.

Some people may feel more connected in a traditional cross-legged position. The position is not important but you need to be comfortable don’t worry about technique. See crossed leg or hard surface you sit on shouldn’t bother you much.

Create a habit to practice the meditation on regular basis everybody doesn’t bother if it is morning or evening you can perform meditation anytime but I suggest practice it in the early morning before sunrise it is the best time to get connected with nature and also you get fresh oxygen released by plants.

4. Emphasis on positivity:












Paying attention to something or even nothing at all is an important component of effective meditation. The goal is to free your mind from distractions and negative thoughts that cause stress to your body and mind. Some people choose to focus on an object, image, some chatter mantra on each breath but you can also focus on a blank screen or the black dot.

-Your mind will probably wander during meditation. This is normal and to be expected—even for those who have been practicing meditation for a long time. When this happens, just bring your thoughts back to what you were focusing on when you started your meditation, whether it was an object, your breathing or a feeling.

-Multiple time your focus will wander no need to worry this will happen if you are advanced in meditation. Don’t find solution How to stop thinking? This is a human nature to a think your organs never stop working in 24 hours so why you wanted to mind to stop. Let him do his work you do yours by constantly bounce back from those thoughts and feel relaxed.

-Chanter something while making you focused. Some Chant OM listen it’s not the religion Mantra it’s spiritual mantra and if you don’t know what a single word OM do to your body then you will get amazed by listening to those benefits. Google it! Anyway, you can mum it. Use your 75% breath in chanting word AU and 25% while M. It will surely help you to avoid your unwanted thoughts and kept you in focus.

5. Know that there is no “right way” to meditate: 














If you are stressed out about how you’re breathing, what you’re thinking (or not thinking about) or whether you’re meditating correctly, then you’re only adding to the problem. Meditation is adaptable to suit your lifestyle and the situation.

-It’s about taking a few moments to relax your way in a busy, stressful world. Don’t make it your final year graduation paper you might get wrong but at the end, you are learning.

-It can be helpful to add meditation to your daily routine so you practice regularly.To learn anything it requires time and consistency. For example, you can choose to begin or end each day with a few minutes of meditation.

-There are many different types of meditation techniques you can try. Experiment by trying various methods. Soon, you will find out one which works well for you that you can really enjoy.

6. Have Fun:










Meditation can provide short and long-term benefits for you, it also should be a pleasant experience. Some resistance to clearing your mind and relaxing is normal when we are so used to being under a lot of stress but don’t force yourself to meditate a certain way if you don’t enjoy it.

-The key is to find a sense of peace at the moment. Don’t ignore the opportunity to meditate while doing ordinary activities. Daily tasks like washing dishes, folding laundry or fixing the truck are all opportunities to use relaxation methods, such as deep breathing, to meditate.

-Don’t forget that creative, relaxing activities also work well to meditate. Listen to music, paint, read, garden, write in a journal, or watch a flame in the fireplace. These activities can focus your mind, decrease stress and alter brain waves into a meditative state.


7. Practice mindfulness meditation:









Meditating this way focuses your attention on the present moment. You bring awareness to what is happening right now and your experience during meditation, such as your breathing.

You recognize what you feel, what surface you are sitting, what you are thinking and what is happening around you without actively trying to change it.


While you meditate, observe the thoughts going through your head and what you feel about that moment but don’t judge or try to stop them. Let your thoughts and emotions pass on their own.

Mindfulness meditation works because you are able to forget the past and the future. Stress results from thinking too much about things that are out of our control—things that already happened and things that may happen.

With this type of meditation, you are able to stop worrying about everything and feel more relaxed.

You can bring your thoughts and feelings back to mindful meditation by focusing on the present moment. Pay attention to your body. Are you breathing deep or slow? Are your hands touching? Is body feeling the sensation of wind touching it? You don’t stop wandering thoughts or feelings–just think about what happening now not what is happened 2 years back. Stay in present.

Try practicing a loving-kindness meditation. This is a deep desire for well-being and happiness for you. Your focus on the feeling of love and well-being at the moment.

Then you extend that feeling out to everyone else in the world. That’s the way you become open and feel gratitude.

4 Important tips:

  • Recognize alertness: Firstly, you need to be aware to do awareness. Now you and I are aware if you are reading this blog as simple as that you need to be aware while meditation.
  • Meditation changes your experience: It is like a wave on the ocean up and down. Once you get deep into it will take you deep into the sea. So don’t care about it just continue and become better and better.
  • To maintain breathe: Be aware of your breath. Breathe in and out. As you indulge deep in the thoughts then you get lost no worry you can come back in.
  • Don’t resist emotions: When you meditate breathe in and out. Concentrate on breathing and hold it for a while. You see you are thinking more than usual and your mind become much calmer and clear, so you start recognizing the thoughts. Before you had thought and emotion you did not recognize you are becoming one with them.

“Quiet the mind and soul will speak.”


Thanks for reading “HOW TO MEDITATE 101: GETTING STARTED WITH MEDITATION AND ITS BENEFITS.” write your views in the comment section below.


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