How to start over on your fitness journey and doesn’t have to suck? Health Reboot

The first month of the year 2018 is coming to an end and my work-life and Saturdays parties have taken a toll on my fitness diet. And I am looking forward to giving it a fresh health reboot and align my diet, training, and well being accordingly.

 Even though I have aligned my diet accordingly to my calendar but I must confess that these frequent parties and New Year celebration have totally drained my body and make me fatter and less self-assured- having too many junk and a little exercise and usually not eating right.

I admit that the way I wanted my new year to start has completely opposed my expectations. Although I am not still unfit but has been lacking in my fitness goals because of the lack of consistency in the game.

As this continues I will not be able to hit my end goal of being shredded at the end of the year. But as I know there is no point to complain myself rather work on it. I supposed it is a phase to bounce back and get back on the path.

Training is one of the most healing exercises for me it gives me mental as well body satisfaction rather it becomes another form of meditation for my body and it is reflected in my mood and work ethic the day I don’t work out. It is a time to share you a series of getting back into healthiness by striking the Reboot icon. 

“How to start over on your fitness journey and doesn’t have to suck? FITNESS REBOOT”

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It is known for a fact for me that by implementing some exercises and a physical activity in my regime I feel better-off, calmer and more creative when I have some sort of repetitiveness in my life – practices that I perform on a daily basis to keep me well-balanced. This might be dancing on my favorite track, time to play with my dog, time to have a morning tea to lessen the stress before the day begins and all the recreation.

I’m such a person, who if don’t get his work done before the bed at night I will be restless and waiting for Another day to execute my work plans as soon.

Thatswhy I would love to break my tasks into simple and easier form to understand and execute. So one thing I had noticed is we get so much busy in your daily works as we forgot the little things that your health requires us to do and end up breaking your diet.

So I put up the little fitness to-do or you can say a fitness countdown list which reminds me of little daily schedules that makes me ultimately more contented and recovered and well-lit. I personally follow this and everybody should also follow it to keep in check every single day.

Even you can’t beat all the tasks in a day you will be completing some of them and it proves to be a good prompt. It’ll be the great help for me on the root of fitness reboot. I have a copy of this pasted on the desk to keep me reminded. Possibly, you can also do the same.

Some of the healthy ways to center everywhere:

  • Drinking plenty water all day
  • Meditating for 15 minutes every single day.
  • Receiving decent value sleep
  • Consuming healthy, delightful and tasty meal (generally 5-6 times in a day)
  • Remain active largely in my time with abundant mobility and taking cerebral pauses.
  • Practicing a workout that I should love.
  • Taking off from every technical device before 2 hours from bedtime.
  • Taking 1000 steps each day.

This is the modest thing to do which will keep you on right track. You need not be a fitness scholar to learn and implement this just be patient and practice these steps daily for gaining better results.


I’m genuinely happy to be distributing with you my health and fitness knowledge! Placing together some of my nutrition and training facts to give you best information about training, diet, supplementation regarding fitness also let me know that you have some fitness related question which you need to debate with me. Don’t hesitate to write me in comment section. 

I will be happy to assist you and thanks for reading “How to start over on your fitness journey and doesn’t have to suck? FITNESS REBOOT” have a good day.




Being a graduate in science and technology and a fitness enthusiast I want to create a valuable content for each homosapien living out there which is affected with fitness-wellness and help them to acheive their optimum level of understanding in the subject. love to hear from you email me to [email protected]

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