How Vidyut Jammwal Martial Arts Skills Giving Us Fitness Goosebumps.

Vidyut Jammwal is identified as “Next Age Action Hero of Bollywood” he is a movie actor and a practicer of Martial arts which you have seen in movies like Force and Commando, known to be for his action sequence and for his astonishing body.

Vidyut Jammwal is superlative actor known for his courageous maneuvers in his pictures and his holy god damn badass attitude. With a chiseled physique in every film and real-life stunts, his followers have been progressively snowballing with each of his movies.

How Vidyut Jammwal Martial Arts Skills Giving Us Fitness Goosebumps.

How Vidyut Jammwal Martial Arts Skills Giving Us Fitness Goosebumps.

Life Of Vidyut Jammwal

He was born on 10 Dec 1980 in Jammu, India. He has one of the three siblings born in an Indian army officer home. For years, he lived in various parts of India due to his father frequent transfer in the army. Ill-advisedly his father died in the army war when he was very young and then raised by a single mother.

Vidyut is fortunate to born in a family who is a practiser of the martial arts form called Kalaripayattu’ originated in Kerala which is known to be a mother of all the martial arts forms.

He was relentlessly trained since he was three years old and from then he was trained in martial arts from an ashram in Palakkad, Kerala which is owned by his mother until he was 13. His mother is also a former Miss Jammu & Kashmir. After earning a gradation in martial arts, Vidyut toured all over the world where he trained with other martial artists.

His life is always surrounded by the martial arts and fitness to which he publicizes in more than 25 countries through live action shows, which are must to be appreciated. He worked on his physique and martial arts form for years and became fluent in it.

“How Vidyut Jammwal Martial Arts Skills Giving Us Fitness Goosebumps.”

Carrier of Jammwal:

He was ever since a model in Delhi but after a miserable profession in modeling, he got his first debut film in Telugu calledShakti. Till then he did a various role in Telugu and Tamil movies.

And After which he got his debut in Bollywood luckily, he went selected in auditions going on for Nishikant Kamath’s movie Force which was a remake of Tamil film Kaaka Kaaka, alongside with John Abraham where he played a negative role as ‘Vishnu’ which was appreciated by the viewers from then he gotten a clean sweep from the honours that year with him captivating all the honours for ‘record promising Debut in 2012’.

From Force film, his physique has only changed to better and better and heat the present has the best viewing formed body to eternally charm the Indian silver screen.

His another film ‘Commando’ has an early box office triumph, in which he played an army officer lead role in the film made in the memory of his Late Father who was also an Army officer.

After which the man requires no starter intro. Vidyut has paved himself in every action scene as a mind-blowing action hero. And surely, he also appears like one too.

Shocking his followers, Vidyut Jammwal always releases his treacherous stunt videos and martial arts moves on his Instagram account, send-off publics in a surprise of his implausible carnal skills.

What video does he share? He can pass by to a car window, he can possibly pass underneath the car by just skating on the floor, and he can also execute push-ups on a 4 wine bottle so effortlessly like a Chinese kung-Fu film.

His Social profile

A momentary look at his Instagram feed and shows his hard work and is enough to guesstimate that the gentleman can’t go a diurnal without working out.

Not solitary is he professional in Kalaripayattu, but know one of the first-born alive fighting organizations still in life, he also embraces an implausible quantity of muscles on his body.

Opposing to general acceptance, he mixtures his body muscles with his martial arts abilities which he shows us with absolute ease.

He is one of the actors who like to do his stunts on his own. However Vidyut Bollywood journey hasn’t been so long, the actor has done 4 movies till now and his upcoming movie junglee will be releasing in 2018, yet he has achieved to build a feat star spitting image for oneself.

What Vidyut Jammwal did else?

Vidyut Jammwal started an initiative to teach women self-defense techniques across the world to college to college girls and professional girls for the sake of women safety. He traveled the world to meet the rape victims and providing them aid. Which shows the actor pure-hearted and compassion towards women.

How Vidyut Jammwal Martial Arts Skills Giving Us Fitness Goosebumps.

PETA Vidyut Jammal

Vidyut is named as PETA’s hottest vegetarian celebrities of 2013, in 2014 which make his a pure vegetarian until then he was a non-vegetarian. 

He completed live actions demonstrations on his tours overseas, which provided him worthy stage disclosure. He also participated in a contest called GLADRAGS in the year 2000.

A Jammwal figure has always been a speaking point in public. When he was first looked in contradiction of John Abraham in the photograph of ‘Force movie’, all were amazed to look somebody who was as giant as Abraham but was always trained to the core.


He works on every single muscle cluster perfecting each other; his aesthetics is flawless and out of this world to say things in little. The butter of the milk is his vascularity that brings an extra edge of the physique with every vein pop up when he exercises sideways with the larger muscle mass that he possesses.

He looks big, jacked, well-built and vascular, which is rareness in today’s age.

Not at all uncertainty, he could undeniably be likened to so many other bodybuilding and fitness Facsimiles out there but he stands out to all of them on some points.

He follows a hard workout routine which keeps his so jacked.

Vidyut prepares for a 5 days of martial arts practise, followed by 2 days of weight-lifting which general lends for 7-8 hours a day, which comprises exercises like, warm-ups, sprinting, unusual rope jumps, squats, deadlifts, hand-stand walks, hundreds of pushups, upper body workout that usually contains roman rings, parallel bars and other functional exercises too.

His group of martial artists came from the different line of work which trains with him in a gym which kept him in a competitive environment.

While performers shape their bodies for definite roles and then go out of shape, in case of Vidyut the characters which are given to him is exactly aimed to keep Jammwal physique in the notice.

When you observe, half of the actors in the industry are fragile because of a lot of duplicacy and wrong things are used in the industry regarding fitness to achieve a fast body in no time just because of these things the physiques of actors are unnatural and indulgent and are distant from seeing anything like real actions stars.


Vidyut says he follows a well-disciplined lifestyle in which he is fully aware of what he is trying to do with his body and says he completely know his own body which makes his possibly to achieve anything on a physical and mental level.

Not only he looks amazing but also is in this world full of machismo. From his ruthless calisthenics to exploration journeys, he glosses as a male made to do implausible action sequences for the movie and in real life too.

He’s also the former of a disappearing class of macho artists who were born to perform the action scene.

Vidyut Jammwal recently posted his amazing video on the Instagram page and the caption forwarded lengthways with it is nothing less than an important lesson for people who shy away from hard workouts.

Unquestionably, the hard skin is a spot of a real lifter.

If you ever went to a gym and find out it is hard and impossible to achieve a body or follow a diet and take a decision to quit. Then think once more he is training since he was 3 year and still workout for hours 6 times in a day.

This clearly replicates the quantity of hard work he placed in the game.

Next time you go to the gym and give it your best shot, you will definitely relate to what Vidyut Jammwal has put in his words here. So fitness enthusiasts here’s a somebody you should be eyeing up to.

Thanks for reading “How Vidyut Jammwal Martial Arts Skills Giving Us Fitness Goosebumps.” comment your views below.


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