Lessons from john Abraham about fitness.

John Abraham has got looks, Bollywood film career, poster-boy physique and a yellow trunk from movie Dostana.

There is much to learn from this man. His real name is Farhan Irani he is a successful Bollywood celebrity and has one of the best bodies in Bollywood and always took a superhuman effort to prove himself.

I admire him because the way he made his career from nowhere in Bollywood, and the way he evolved from what he is now.

His first movie which came in 2000 “Jism” was a hit with Bipasha Basu till then he gave many super hits like Dostana, Dhoom, Force and shootout at Wadala and presented himself not just a good bodybuilder but a great actor.

Many movie scenes of him go viral like his exfoliating beach body scene with the yellow trunk in Dostana and that 18inch monster arms in Force movie are commendable.

lessons from john Abraham about fitness

John Abraham Life:

He calls himself a fish eating vegetarian bodybuilder he doesn’t eat chicken but does eat fish and jokes that,

Bodybuilding is a full-time job. I’m a vegetarian but I do eat fish and egg whites to fuel my body to compensate for the need of 200gms of protein every day to stay alive”.

His body does justify his hardship and his dedication towards bodybuilding. John doesn’t drink and smoke and promotes a healthy lifestyle with no shortcuts for making body fast.

Also, John owns a fashion line called JA clothes; he is actively involved in social work NGO’s like PETA and Habitat for Humanity.

He is also an owner of Indian Super League (ISL) football team Northeast United Football Club and by that living his school daydream of being a footballer.

Regardless of his stardom in the film industry, he is literally as humble and gracious with his cast as whispered by his co-workers.


Where the inspiration comes from?

He aged 45years now and still looks phenomenal in his skin and muscle quality he has. He got inspired when he was around 22 years old.

First, he saw Sylvester Stallone’ Rocky IV, after which he purse fitness and decided to become a role model for others by achieving that kind of physique.

But hand-in-hand also promote healthy habits at the same time as a motto of his life.

There is the lot to learn from this man and his physique. I think what he shows to the world by his fitness is really praiseworthy.

He is aging backward; he shows how you can age gracefully by your own terms.

See aging is an evitable truth but what he had proved is the way he age is controlled by him, not by some other.

That’s the thing you need to learn from him but the journey of John Abraham isn’t easy and comfortable as it looks.

He had a breakthrough in 2013-2014 due to which he has to quit bodybuilding for 2 years after that he bounces back bravely and built the physique he has now.

That’s what we need to learn from him never quit regardless of your situation.

He has 5.9 million subscribers on Instagram which shows his huge fan following.

“Lessons from John Abraham about fitness”


Training of John Abraham

John body is a mesomorph (which finds it super easy to build muscle mass, and you are generally proportionally built) he usually trains 6-7 days in a week and his meal plans are scheduled in view of that.

His workout plan has two majorly muscles trained at a time followed by shoulder and biceps then legs, twice a week.

Then he runs 30 minutes for increasing his cardiovascular strength and cutting off fat. Usually, he performs 4-5 sets of each exercise with 10-12 reps each.

Each body part has 4 variations of exercise his trainer Vinod Channa replied.

John Day’s is ordinarily packed over with pledges and long hour in a gym; he is been very careful to never miss his workouts.

Even if he missed it he completes it at midnight which shows his dedication and hard work towards his commitment, astonishes others at the gym.



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