Intermittent Fasting is a proven way to increase your metabolism and put on lean muscle very fast and burn off fat very quickly matched to others programs.

The science of intermittent fasting suggests 16/8 Method to include some days in weeks is good to go for getting better health and much-intensified fitness results.

You may wonder how a fasting diet can even good for somebody?

Fasting is for the girls who want to lose weight in no time OR the ones who don’t get to eat.

Simply not. 

The real reason ‘how does intermittent fasting work‘ it makes your body realize that you are short of food and wants you to produce more hormones and get supply from the stored reservoirs until when it gets it next to food supply this will protect the body from breaking muscles or to starve.

Now body produces sufficient growth hormone to support your system and bear any future problem. 

Although it is recommended to do intermittent fasting for quite a while of hours/week. After then you need the nutrition to feed your body.

The build desires food and water to survive. somebody’s will select over 3 weeks while not food — Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi survived twenty-one days of complete starvation — however, water may be a completely different story. a minimum of an hour of the figure is created of it and each living cell within the body desires it to stay functioning. 

So in 16/8 principle, you create 16 hours of fasting period while other 8 hours of the day you eat and what you eat is obviously going with a healthy diet in that eating window.


The fastening diet involves generally eating a lot less amount of calories you eat on the regular days and it is not a case, if you generally eat 3000 maintained calories a day so you adjust that 3000 calories in that short window time of 8 hours mean how often you eat, you can’t eat whole food at a time.

So go with reduced 500-800 calories on the I.F. day.

In my case-

When I first switch to intermittent fasting I was not sure like you but now I’ve been intermittent fast for pretty much a year (16 hours fast, eight not fast per day), and I’ve seen all sensible results thus far.

My weight quickly born twenty pounds and that I’ve unbroken it off, and I feel I actually have additional energy.

My glucose readings conjointly fell and my cholesterol, that was already sensible, stayed sensible. The tiny pad of belly fat that I’d had since faculty merely disappeared and didn’t come.

Intermittent fasting doesn’t promise weight loss but does promise you will consume less food which will make you lose weight.



The role is of HGH that is human growth hormone of an individual this hormone is very high in teenagers. Males 21 and girls grow till 18.

HGH increases your metabolism till you are not old and are a teenager, whatever you eat you can go with it easily without any stomach upset or constipation you won’t experience a severe problem of eating junk.

For the reason that your HGH levels are really in elevation at the time when you are a teenager. After which in your 30s-40s  your HGH level drastically reduces.

You ever heard stories from your elders that they have a slow metabolism and can’t digest food efficiently.

Why? Because when anybody grows old it becomes less resistant to their body to produce sufficient enzymes and hormones to cope up with a high amount of calories food or High cholesterol food which they might consume.

For the young individual which is relieved to fast metabolism, they really digest food their really quickly because of high HGH in their bodies.

CONCEPT: The question- From where this ease came from this came from your own body and our own hormonal system which is a key point when we are talking about I.F. (intermittent fasting) which advances our hormonal growth.

I.F. is proven diets that increase metabolism and hormonal changes and puts a lot of importance on your meal timings the strategic of I.F. is that there create a fastening time in your body where you can’t consume anything except no-calorie beverages like water, green tea or maybe black coffee without sugar.

“Due to which you should be really careful of your eating habits and constantly detoxify your gut to avoid stomach upset.”

Your job is to include the I.F. to increase the level of HGH and how do you increase is you take up a fasting stage.

There is a secret of HGH it increases at night while you asleep.

It secretes in your bloodstream at night.

To have a better understanding look at the “Effect of one day FAST on GROWTH HORMONE over a period of 24 hours period graph”.

“Effect of one day FAST on GROWTH HORMONE over a period of 24 hours period graph”.


You will considerably observe two spurts of HGH for the two bumps on Normal day eating you see there are two HGH levels indicated and meals are represented by those M’s.

Every time you have a meal it suppresses the level of HGH in your body.

Now, take a look at another graph “Full Day of Fasting” that represents HGH profile of an individual which has taken an I.F. diet there are two bumps also one of them is even larger than the previous graph bumps.

Now, this is why it happens because you are fooling your body thinking that it can potentially go to starvation.

The starvation is a state in which your body can survive only 4 days without any food given externally.

Your body has been built accordingly, it can survive in difficult situations where one can go 4 days without any food till then it won’t burn off its own muscle mass after which it starts breaking his own muscles to get food from.

What body does is it will consider changes its hormonal state and by fastening 16 hours a day you give your body a minimal shock for a time by which your body get a feeling that it possibly going into starvation mode.

As soon body realizes this it increases his HGH levels in order to cope with the lack of food and survive till the next meal arrive.

(Cool body mechanics)


The point is that what HGH do is it helps in muscle recovery it obviously helps in growth of muscles and your bones.

But for adults who cross their teenage; it majorly helps in muscle recovery most importantly it helps in fat mobilization.

Fat mobilization is basically your body burning of fat to use as fuel for daily activities if you have a higher level of HGH in your body is it easier to put muscle mass and it is easier to burn off fat really quickly.

Two key points to notice is HGH acts as protein sparrow which means if there is lack of food, the body will preserve as much as muscle as it can and burn off fat as it can, basically more HGH means better functioning of your body.

Secondly, the studies show that more you fast the more HGH is released into your body.

Now better I.F. happens after 10 hours of fast but what I recommend you should do 16 hours fast and 8 hours of eating the longer you fast the more HGH is released.

Some studies also show that if you fast for 36 hours some subject had shown a result of increased HGH level-up to 1250% that’s insane.

The most important point by doing so you are not harming your body.

Some you might think that fastening is a bad state to go I should always be in full eating state means whenever I might feel hunger suppress it with healthy food that way I can also considerably build the high HGH levels.

Yes, you might be right but studies show that giving a while break to your digestive system will effectively build your digestive process the same way you refresh your computer to remove all the bugs it acts like the same.




The next most important hormone is insulin I.F. doesn’t affect the level of insulin secreted but what it affects is insulin sensitivity.

It is an anabolic hormone like HGH which helps you with increasing your muscle mass and burn fat; insulin sensitivity helps in to turn blood sugar into energy for considerable use.

Let’s take an example of person A and person B,

  • person A is more insulin sensitive so if he wants to put 10g of muscle he wants 10ml of insulin to make that change in his body.
  • person B needs to put 10g of muscle he needs 20ml to make that same effect that’s which we call less insulin sensitivity.

Means person A is more insulin sensitive and person B is least but you can improve you this insulin sensitivity and can put more muscle and burn fat easily.

By following I.F. in your day, directly both HGH and insulin together help with your nutrient repartitioning it makes your body more efficient.

Makes your body capable to absorb the food you eat to make it as useful and easy for you to put more muscle mass as to compared with fat, it gives you the feeling of being superhuman.


But there is the third hormone linked to this that are adrenaline and noradrenaline “fight or flight hormones”.

If a dog attacks you possibly release this hormone more in your body what they do is they make you ready to face a difficult situation where you force to fight or run away.

It does this by firstly increasing your metabolism and secondly gives you more adenosine receptors (similar what Caffeine in coffee do) like giving your body a pre-workout shot.

But here I.F. increases your hormones in a healthy way but also alerting yourself to take action at the same time.

Advantages of I.F.:-

  • Improved by cutting more fat.
  • Better nutrient repartitioning.
  • Better Body composition you’ll look leaner.
  • Advances impulses and coordination means how well you feel.
  • Improve in putting more muscle mass.
  • Long-term benefits it helps in curing the deadly disease of cancer.

Disadvantages of I.F.:-

  • It is difficult to familiarize I.F. it takes about 2-3 days to give real changes.
  • You will be on low energy during your initial hours of training 3-4 days but after that, you will feel normal.
  • Influence your social life you should develop a timetable.
  • You will get Bad Cravings during initial hours.



What to eat if you want to get maximum effects of I.F. and burn more fat.

FUNDA: If you want to burn off fat you need to be in calorific deficit in your day your intake calories should be less than you burn calories throughout the day that’s how you burn off fat.

You may be knowing it but what you don’t know is while you are on I.F. if you are still on your caloric surplus you can’t get rid of your body fat. You won’t get its benefits.

  • In I.F. you need to create a larger calories difference without having a fear of losing your muscle mass it can be kept care of those hormones which I had talked about earlier.
  • During I.F. what you eat is nothing and what you drink is a lot of water and maybe a black coffee or lemon tea or green tea without any sugar but try avoiding coffee they are not good for I.F.

3 main macro-nutrients your diet consist of:


  1. You need to calculate your daily need of protein to maintain your muscles and at the same time build new muscle so you need those minimum amounts of protein requirements daily in your diet. 1gm per body pound is good to go.
  2. Protein requirement shouldn’t be ignored because you’re already on a caloric deficit and need to conserve your muscle otherwise eliminating both fat and muscle will take your all hard gains.


  1. Next, is your fats don’t keep it too high and not to low you don’t need to include fats in your diet.
  2. Go with a healthy source of fats like almonds, egg yolk, natural peanut butter these are great ways to come near those maintenance calories.

Fat has about 9 calories so being super conscious about your fat.

Don’t make a mistake of eliminating fat completely.

Some have a misconception No Fats diet= No Fat on the body.

Completely wrong, fat is equally necessary as any other macronutrient to increase your HGH, Testosterone levels and improve your immune system functioning.


Go with complex carbs not simple carbs complex carbs include oats, sweet potato, wheat, brown rice really good to sustain energy for a longer time.

When we talk about I.F. diet go with a lot of veggies which is a good way to break your fast.

Eat nutrient-rich fruit and veggies because there your body is in a state that whatever you throw on him it will absorb it really quickly and this is a time you hammer those essentials micronutrients to it.

If you are someone who follows keto diet or paleo diet. Doesn’t worry I.F. won’t kill your diet or give you any other problem. You can go with Both

But the ultimate goal is to be in a caloric deficit so that you lose weight Or if your goal is to increase your natural hormones and in the same way it won’t affect your workout sessions although it will help you burn fat more easily and putting muscle mass real quick.

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This is a 2018 science of I.F. and there are many others who are getting better results with some of these methods.

You should surely give it a try and see what change you experience.

Thanks for reading “WHAT IS INTERMITTENT FASTING: HOW IT HELPS? FOR MEN & WOMEN” comment your questions and suggestion below in comment box.



Being a graduate in science and technology and a fitness enthusiast I want to create a valuable content for each homosapien living out there which is affected with fitness-wellness and help them to acheive their optimum level of understanding in the subject. love to hear from you email me to [email protected]

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