Spiritual meditation which is also called the mindfulness meditation. This will bring limelight to your brain and will benefit you immensely in becoming a way of being which you praise.

To become spiritual you first need to sow the seeds of positive emotions and thinking into your mind and body until you come close to maturity, then you foster a new experience you feel which what we would call as spirituality.

The concept of fitness and health is not only to be physically healthy but also to be mentally equipped.

It is equally important to train your mind and get mental incentive because it only gets you to the pathway to a happy and thriving life. No booklet out there for our mind the only way to drive mind is to take complete control in your hands and drive it accordingly.


So how do you attain that kind of mental state? Is by the road of spirituality. Now, remember that it’s not about God but everything finding of your inner self- Bigger than God. It is a more advanced form of concentration which brings immense changes in one’s life and makes you focus on your goals much better and keep you away from anxiety, stress, and demotivation all the evils which create a panic in your life.

People had experienced spirituality by anything like meeting with a human being, visiting a certain place, experiencing a new understanding or maybe find it accidentally by their own life problems.

What Spirituality means is, “Life gives you different experiences some evil, some enjoyable and some overpowering but what really created this for you, have you ever found out?

In order to find the greatest warm part of your creation, you don’t need to go somewhere else but look it out in your inner-self”. There is an enslaved captured within you. Here, if you identify what created you then you will be spiritual.


Example A Fellow dreamed of being a player of a national football team. Surely this is his biggest dream. In his dreams he always visualize a picture of stadium, his name printed jersey and 10 lakh fans cheering for him in stadium and by experiencing that part of his life, he is the happiest person and actually living in that moment and settle at same place for hours because this dream for him is the whole creation of his world. But suddenly what happens is there is a thing inside him who knows it isn’t real and that energy wants to go somewhere else and suddenly he realizes he is out of his day-dream and again his life becomes miserable. This is the struggle of normal human beings which we all experience on an everyday basis.


What spiritual process permits you to do is it can consciously take you to an imagined plot and rebounds you whenever you want. This thought process originates because of you come across with somebody or you consciously build it up within yourself. This intensity which comes in life within you which doesn’t exist but imagined by you is completely operated by your consciousness.

Most of the people who experience spirituality found a problem which is they experience spirituality but unable to sustain it for a longer period of time. They develop a spiritual process which hikes up there after its collapse and condition become worst. If they didn’t imagine or feel something superior its fine for them but as soon they achieved it and lost it when they feel terrible. That’s the main reason for people being broken and depressed about their own feelings.


We as a human being have to counterfeit with the biggest moments in your life and even when you are unable to sustain it and the bubble bursts out it shouldn’t become worst.

Nothing wrong happened to us but by our own process of giving meaning to a situation or say though, we develop a feeling of loss which harms us. We got something in life and now it’s not in place its feel painful for us we were better when we don’t have that resource but when we lived with it and it’s now gone from us it feels miserable.

The solution is it’s better to not jump on the bigger experiences directly but to build a staircase to climb slowly so we don’t fall from a height. What it means– when we create a proper structure and develop a proper carry out then we will less bother about loss.

The ordinary intelligence of making decisions won’t permit you to chase something called spiritual goals and there is a lot of ways to chase that but ultimate and the most tangible way to do that is by meditation.

Everyday meditation will slowly build that position which is sustainable because we achieved that within us by slowly climbing the staircase by meditating daily and working on our mind. No matter what happened to you in past this will eventually remain.

It is one activity which I practiced for a year now and it brings a significant change in my life and gives me more power to complete my daily tasks and think even more and make good decisions in my life. It gives a good start for my day by just meditating for 20 minutes daily.

Meditation helps me to become more independent with my thoughts when the life was driving me crazy I was getting obsessed with my thought process and meditation just helps me getting disconnected and help me create that peace of mind which I need to make my career decisions. The 99% of worries are not happening the 99% of things don’t matter. We exaggerate the little problem and make it our own enemy.

What meditation does regulate your anger and makes you calmer? So you won’t make bad decisions.

When you practice it in a long time it becomes a peace of mind of almost it becomes a leisure activity and a source of recreation. It makes you proceeding on meditation path which ultimately helps you advance on the real world path.


It can bring the biggest health revolution in a country the person suffering from insomnia, high BP, or mental stress study shows, by just doing 20 minutes of daily meditation the stress level can drastically be reduced.

It can bring you all the good health benefits which you ever wondered and keep you out from any mental depression and grow your dopamine levels which ultimately make you feel happy about yourself. To see the effects you need to live it on your own because there is no explanation which makes you understand what it feels.

The thoughts connect you with omnipresent surroundings and with creation are conscious about the environment while you meditate. Believe that this exercise would drive and fuel to guarantee good things in life.



Spirituality is a deep impression into the truth. It is not something of mind. It is something of your entire being. 

You breathe it. You live it.



Being a graduate in science and technology and a fitness enthusiast I want to create a valuable content for each homosapien living out there which is affected with fitness-wellness and help them to acheive their optimum level of understanding in the subject. love to hear from you email me to [email protected]

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